Founded in 1987 and built on 3 generations of experience in the world
of machining, SURFWARE get the benefit of professionnal experience
in perpetual evolution.
The family products of CAD/CAM SURFCAM is the result of the choice of tens
of thousands users like engineers, originators worldwide,
who all use the system daily for 2D and 3D conception, surface and
voluminal modeling, reverse engineering, prototyping, mould,
model making and producing.

SURFCAM provides you with the simplicity of CNC machines programming.

The largest function of SURFCAM isn’t a simple key or a command to click,
but a real philosophic flexibility. This gives you the power to model
and machine your workpieces as you like; from the conception until
the finished piece.
Reducing the programming required time for repetitive tasks, while using
specifics functions of SURFCAM, like grooving, chamfering,
1/4 circles machinings or surfacing.These practices aren’t simple commands
but processes conceived for machining in a logical and efficient order,
with an auto calculation of roughing and finishing cutting depth,
based on the size and type of tool.

All versions of SURFCAM (2 axis and 3 axis SE and Velocity,
4 axis and 5 axis Velocity) include:
- Postprocessor generator
- Interfaces: CSF - DES - FST - IGES - MESH - NCAL - SAT - SPAC-SUP
- VDA - CADL - DXF - DWG - Parasolid (*.PAR) - SolidEdge 50 (*.PAR)
- Solidworks (*.PRT; *SLDPRT), Mastercam
- Engraving and measures
- Database of 300 postprocessors pre configurated for most usual
CNC controllers
- Communication software that runs under Windows, for cummunicate
through RS232 (cable not supplied)


Material: Titanium 6Al4V
Spindle Speed: 3438 RPM
Programmed Feedrate: 115 IPM
Cutting Tool: 1/2" Dia Carbide
Endmill - Swift-Carb
Axial Depth Of Cut:
1 In. | 25.4mm


Material: 4140 Steel
Spindle Speed:
7200 RPM (1178 SFM)
Programmed Feedrate:
266 IPM | 6756 MMPM
Cutting Tool:
5/8" Dia 5 Flute CF - ISCAR
Axial Depth Of Cut:
0.9375 In. | 23.8mm


Material: Stainless Steel 420
Spindle Speed:
6500 RPM (1276 SFM)
Programmed Feedrate:
125 IPM | 3175 MMPM
Cutting Tool: .
750 Inch Dia. - OSG
Axial Depth Of Cut:
.700 In. | 17.8 mm


Material: 5083 Aluminum
Spindle Speed: 8000 RPM
Programmed Feedrate: 160 IPM
Cutting Tool:
3/4" Dia Carbide Endmill - Swift-Carb
Axial Depth Of Cut: 1 In. | 25.4mm