Tool moving

Whatever machine or CNC controller you own, we can realize your part
programs under subcontract (in case of the postprocessor is available).
We can exploit files like DXF, DWG, IGES etc...

Postprocessor issuing

All SURFCAM versions are delivered with a postprocessor generator.
This is for, in case your CNC controller isn't included in the standard delivered
list, to personalize your postprocessor according with your machine requirment.
We are able to realize such benefit, under subcontract.


We are able to teach your operators in CNC programming
and in CAD/CAM SURFCAM operating.
These benefits can be done either in your or our offices.
All documents like technical and educational manuals are freely provided,
according with the supplied training.
We teach operators, directly on the customer's machine and we usually work
on concrete samples (drawings or workparts).
We are registred by the government as official training center, therefor
you can freely ask to be refunded of training costs and additionnal
displacement charges.

Tool moving 3D Training