planete-CN gathers activities of both below described companies:

SIDERMECA : French company specialized in machine tools dealing for more than 25 years.
SIDERMECA is confirmed as one of the first french importer of industrial
equipment and metalworking machinery.
This company is also able to provide you with: cutting tools, machinery
accessories, measurment equipment, and workshop equipment.
The whole range can be consulted on

FORMATION SALIN : Since 1993, this company is at the service of
vocational training.
FORMATION SALIN is able to give training to your operators and users,
about CNC machines programming and operating.
Belonged from SIDERMECA since February 1st 2009, FORMATION
SALIN can supply personal teaching on whole control systems that we
are in use to distribute: SIEG; MACH 3; SINUMERIK.
Thanks to 27 years experience in CNC teaching, we also can provide
you with training about specific languages below:

CCNC controllers:

  • - Milling: 2 - 3 - 4 and 5 axis (depending of machine option)
    • TNC130-145-155-310-355-360-407-410-415-425-426-430-i530
    • NUM : 460-720-750-760-1020-1040-1060 en ISO
    • OSAI 8600
    • SIEMENS 802 F
  • - Turning :2-4 axis (depending of machine option)
    • NUM : 460-720-750-760-1020-1040-1060
    • HEIDENHAIN : MANUAL plus 4110
    • FAGOR 8055TC (ISO or conversational)
    • FAGOR 800T (ISO or conversational)
    • SIEMENS 802 T


  • - Milling: 2-3-4 and 5 axis positionned and simultaneous
  • - Turning: 2-3 axis and rotating tool; 4 axis
  • and combination machine turning/milling
  • - Wire cutting: 2 and 4 axis

Formation Salin is also sole retailer of SURFCAM software.

Partners since 2001, SIDERMECA and FORMATION SALIN now
belongs to the same industrial group, managed by William Chauvin.
Therefore, SIDERMECA is in charge with importing, distributing,
connecting and after sale service of machinery, meanwhile FORMATION
SALIN is in charge with training operators on programming.
In this way, we are able to provide our customers with the whole below described benefit:

  • CNC machine supplying
  • Machine connecting in the customer's place
  • CAD/CAM system supplying
  • Programming training (CNC and/or CAD/CAM)
  • After sale service

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